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A Guide to the Express Train

If you want to enjoy Switzerland's scenic view, you can go on the Glacier Express train. You get to enjoy the train ride on the glass panoramic carriages. It is a worldwide famous train ride. It is a ride that is ideal for all class of people. Read on to know everything about the Glacier Express train.

The Glacier Express goes between St Moritz and Zermatt. It is a Swiss train that is famous. It is a journey that takes 8 hours as you enjoy the most scenic landscapes of Switzerland. The terraced vineyards, ruined castles, snow-dusted mountains and rocky gorges are some of the things you get to see on the express train.

It is a luxurious experience fit for train addicts. The Glacier Express uses many routes like Graub?nden, Uri and Valais. The route comes to an end at ski resorts of Zermatt and Saint Moritz. When on the trip, you will go through 291 bridges and 91 tunnels. The landscapes are very stunning.

You have the option of buying 1st or 2nd coach tickets. 1st ticket means that you get a more spacious room.1st tickets are more costly because you get a spacious room.1st tickets offer room with more space. However both tickets have panoramic sealed windows. The windows go up to the roof. Snacks, drinks and souvenirs are provided on a trolley wheel. Alternatively, you can go to the Panorama Bar car and get drinks and snacks.

Headphones are available so that you can hear announcements. A bell is rung before any announcement is made. When the journey starts, menus are usually distributed. Brochures are found on the seat's pocket.

You can order for food from the staff. Tables get set for lunch at around 11:30am. Dessert plus two dishes of Swiss Cuisine are usually served on a large communal trays. You can eat as much as you want.

Make your bookings on their site. You need to book the tickets in advance. You have the option of traveling independently or you can hire a private guide. Ticket prices does not include lunch. Expect to pay a cheap price during December to March. The most expensive is Mid-June to Mid-September.

It is advisable you book a tour if you intend to start the trip from another city. You will come across many companies that provide tour packages. They take care of reservations, lunch and tickets. The price may eventually be high but it is worth it eventually.

It is important to make booking at least three months in advance. This is especially if you are from a far city. When doing for the train rid, carry headphones and sunglasses. Photographers need to bring polarizing filters to prevent reflection during a shoot. Whatever side of the train you sit on, you can expect to see scenic views.

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